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I hope this website will be an easy way for you to get acquainted with me and my books. Most are available as e-books. They are even available on I-Tunes! Some are in audio books and others in Large Print Editions. My novel THE REMEMBER BOX just came out as an e-book, which delights me. It's one of my favorites. 

Scroll down for information about my latest title, OUR CHERISHED THINGS. To order it, click "Add to Cart"at the bottom right of this page. Get my other titles from your favorite bookstore or order online by clicking the icons for Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

While you are on the site, check out my upcoming events. If you are in a book club or a genealogy club looking for a program, I would love to join you to discuss my books or why we need to record the stories of possessions we cherish for future generations. I can come to you if you are within easy driving distance of Atlanta. Otherwise, let's visit by speaker phone or I'll be glad to answer e-mail questions in advance. Let's talk books! And if you are ever in the Atlanta area, let me know. Maybe we can get together for a Coke or a glass of iced tea.

Our Cherished Things

Your gift to future generations . . .

OCT condensed


Readers write: 

The book came Saturday. Sunday was so rainy, gray and dreary, what better to do than start writing in it? Before I knew it I'd almost filled it up, from the Steinway grand piano (our only possession worth anything) to my grandmother's little dinner bell.  Evidently the clapper had broken, so she had replaced it with a key tied with a string. My dad is holding that bell in his baby picture. One sweet memory after another came to me with every page.

I thought your newest book was a family history book, but instead I see it is to inventory things I do not want sold at an estate sale! I look forward to having that on hand for the “heirs.”

OUR CHERISHED THINGS is a place to record brief stories of why you treasure certain family possessions so future generations will cherish them as you do.Every page of this hardcover book is decorated with the art of talented artist  Lindy Burnett. It may well become a cherished thing of its own in your family.

Hardcover, 8.5" x 8.5", 52 pp., $16.95 plus tax, shipping and handling. 

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IF YOU DO NOT USE PAYPAL: For one copy send name and address and check written to Patricia Sprinkle at 6161 S Glenn Forest SW, Mableton, GA 30126. Cost for one copy is $22.97 ($16.95 + $1.02 sales tax + $5 shipping and handling). For directions to order multiple copies, write This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   with Our Cherished Things in the subject line. (You may have to minimize this page to reach the e-mail window.)   


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