Patricia Sprinkle

Contemporary Fiction



Friday’s Daughter tells the story of Teensie MacAllester, a nurse who for fifteen years has cared for her aging relatives. The last one, her father, promised if she would stay with him until he died, he would leave her his home and enough money to take in indigent elderly people so they could live out their lives in a modicum of grace and comfort. At the beginning of the story, Teensie discovers her father never changed his will. At forty, what will Teensie do now that her dreams have vanished? Caring for a sick Cherokee farmer makes Teensie rethink much of what she has always thought important and changes her life forever. 

Setting: small college town in the North Georgia mountains.

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Hold Up the Sky tells the story of four strong, independent women who spend a hot drought-ridden summer in the kitchen of a dairy farm, canning vegetables. The women are not friends, although two of them are sisters, and each of them has a secret she does not want to share. However, as those secrets come out in reluctant confession and angry outbursts, they discover how much they have in common, and that true strength lies not in independence but in interdependence.

Setting: Dairy farm in northwest Georgia.

This book was an OKRA pick of the Southeastern Independent Booksellers and a nominee for the Georgia Novel of the Year 2010.

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 Job’s Corner Chronicles



When eleven-year-old Carley Marshall loses her mother in the polio epidemic of 1949, her Big Mama sends her to live with her Aunt Kate, Uncle Stephen, and little cousins, Abby and John. Kate’s husband has just taken the pulpit of a historic North Carolina church in the small rural community of Job’s Corner. At first they are enthusiastically welcomed, but their welcome wears  thin as Stephen begins to challenge age-old traditions. And while this Southern community is filled with good people, secrets and hidden lies must be revealed before an innocent man is convicted of murder and Uncle Stephen of an equally heinous crime. In the process, Carley has to face her own family secrets and discovers we have to make the journey to truth alone.

Finalist for the Christie Award for Best Christian Fiction, 2002.

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Carleys Song


In this second installment of the Job’s Corner Chronicles, Carley Marshall is twelve, and learning about different ways people relate. Carley herself has fallen in love with a man of 26 who has just returned from the Air Force. She carefully saves his gum wrappers, knowing he’ll be impressed when he finally falls in love with her, too. She wonders why there is so much tension between her new teacher and the school principal, and is jealous of her teacher’s budding love affair with another man. She worries about her friend Freda, who thinks she is ready for marriage at fifteen. And in the middle of all that mental disquietude, Carley discovers a skeleton in the gulley that serves as the community dump. Whose it is? How did it get there? The future of innocent people are endangered as Job’s Corenr tries to get to the secret of its darkest secret of all.

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